From cooking to smoke to biological staining and environmental odors, most homes have a constant parade of different odors. Micro-particles from odors settle into the soft surfaces like carpets and furniture and bind with oils and dirt, causing a barely noticeable building up over time that creates difficult to remove odors even with professional cleaning.

That’s why Alberta Carpet Cleaning offers Advanced Generation Deodorizer. Applied to your carpets prior to Thermo-Rinse™ cleaning, Advanced Generation Deodorizer works to effectively disinfect and deodorize carpet and upholstery, removing odors and leaving a light citrus scent.

Advanced Fabric Deodorizer

Add it from only
$ 15
/ per 200 sqf.
+ GST & Enviro Fee

Advanced Generation Deodorizer application prices vary according to the room and area. For more details ask one of our associates for an exact quote