Upholstery FAQ

Why should I choose professional upholstery cleaning?

Dust, dirt in the air and on clothing settle into upholstery and carpet. Regular use of furniture causes these tiny (Almost invisible) soil particles to penetrate deeper than a regular vacuum or personal steam cleaner can extract. Over time, soil particles degrade the fibers of your upholstery, causing permanent damage and decreased appearance.

My furniture has some removable covers – why not just put them in the washing machine?

Your washing machine & laundry detergent are not designed for properly cleaning the designer fabrics used for furniture. Zippered cushions are designed this way so that the foam or cushion can be replaced when it wears out, not so that the cover can be washed at home. Professional furniture cleaning provides a thorough clean without fading, shrinkage and damage to the shape or fabric. Furthermore, when you clean just the cushion covers the rest of the furniture will not match the clean cushions.

Will professional upholstery cleaning remove the protective coating applied when I bought my furniture?

Over time all fabric protectors lose effectiveness, with or without cleaning. If your furniture was purchased more than 2 years ago or is clearly showing signs of soiling, professional upholstery cleaning is recommended. Cleaning will remove what is left of the protection that was applied when you bought your furniture. We offer a carpet protector called Stainshield to renew the protective coating on your upholstery.

How does Stainshield Fabric Protector Work?

Stainshield forms an invisible “shield” around each individual fiber and repels both water and oil-based spills.

Resists soil to look new longer — Most soil and dust that comes in contact with carpet and upholstery treated with Stainshield® Professional RTU won’t stick to fibers. Instead, they stay on the surface where they can be vacuumed off. Treated carpeting, rugs, upholstery and draperies look newer, fresher and remain cleaner than untreated ones.

Cleans easily — Spots and stains left in fabrics do not spread and can generally be spot cleaned easily. Oil-based stains may be cleaned with a household solvent and water-based stains with a mild spotting agent.

Resists oily and watery stains — Oil-based and water-based stains, including all types of beverages, generally bead up on the carpet or fabric and can easily be blotted away with an absorbent cloth, tissue or sponge.

A protective finish that lasts — Stainshield® Professional RTU finish has excellent wear and abrasion resistance, which can withstand normal household and commercial wear. In other words, it will not “walk off” like other topical protectors on the market.

Can you do anything to eliminate strong odors in my furniture?

In addition to Stainshield® which is applied following your cleaning, we also offer Advanced Generation Deodorizer™, which is applied prior to the cleaning and works to disinfect the upholstery, remove odors and leave a pleasant light citrus scent.

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