COVID-19 Update

Updated November 2021

We are a home services company and interacting with the public is a big part of what we do. We have a responsibility to be observant of our own health and to take the health of our community and coworkers first.

As of March 9th, 2020 Alberta Furnace Cleaning Calgary has implemented a strict protocol in accordance with the regulations set by Federal, provincial governments and Alberta Health Services. We have implemented this strict protocol that ensures our day to day operations without interacting face to face with clients, keeping with social distancing guidelines and avoiding the proximity of any worker to the general public and coworkers.

Additional Safety Measures We Have Added:

  • Daily pre-screening of staff, including temperature checks
  • Stringent sick policies
  • High focus on handwashing and use of hand sanitiser
  • Observing physical distancing, and eliminating handshaking
  • Disinfection of equipment, tools and handheld terminals after every cleaning
  • Increased frequency of disinfection of vehicle touchpoints
  • Wearing disposable procedure masks in customer homes

Requirements for Cleaning:

Due to the possibility of pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic spread, we are asking our customers to participate in taking extra precautions to ensure the mutual safety of our staff and customers:

  • We require our customers to restrict their movement in the home to a limited area, away from our staff
  • Let us know if anyone in your home is self-isolating or quarantined – we will re-schedule your appointment
  • Let us know if you or anyone in your home have a cough, fever or respiratory symptoms – we will set your appointment to follow up in 2 weeks to re-schedule
  • Let us know if you or a close contact has travelled outside of the country within the past 14 days – we can re-schedule your appointment to ensure that you can observe the required self-isolation period
  • We are asking our customers to provide access to handwashing facilities for our employees while they are in your home

Physical Distancing During Appointments

Our technicians are required to maintain physical distancing throughout your cleaning appointment, and we are working to minimize the number of people our employees are in contact with. We ask that you and any family present at the time of cleaning stay out of the cleaning area while our employees work and that you do not schedule visitors or other service companies to be in your home while we are present.

For your comfort, if you would rather not be present in your home while our staff are cleaning, this can be set up with our office. Our staff are insured, bondable, and background checked and clean for many customers while they are not home. Payment may be taken over the phone by credit card.

Disinfection add-ons

Early in the onset of this crisis, we realized that we have a very important role to play in helping with this crisis. For duct cleaning, our available Benefect® disinfectant works to disinfect HVAC components and ductwork.

This is not meant to fully protect your home from COVID-19. It is just an additional step or precaution that can be taken. We urge you to follow sanitization guidelines from provincial or federal health officials only.

Current COVID-19 Situation in Alberta

Safety and the public good continue to be our priorities as we move forward, and we want to reassure you of what we are doing to maintain a safe environment as we clean in your home. Our core purpose is “We Take Care of People” – now and through the days ahead, we are committed to this purpose.

Alberta Health Services continues to provide frequent updates. We are monitoring information from Alberta Health Services very closely and will adjust our operations as the situation requires.

Current information is available here:

Rescheduling Appointments

We have a favour to ask. If you are unable to clean right now, instead of cancelling, we are asking you to allow us to move your appointment 6 to 8 weeks into the future. At that time, we will reach out and re-evaluate, and decide whether to go ahead or to move it further out. This will allow us to prioritize your cleaning when you are ready, and hopefully, get people working quickly when the risk subsides.

We remain committed to providing for your cleaning needs in a safe and caring way, now and into the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grant Carlson
Alberta Furnace Cleaning Calgary

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