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The minimum call is $ 119. Offers can’t be combined. GST and Waste Handling Fee of $24.95 per house visit are not included in pricing. Some restrictions apply, subject to availability. call for details.

Expert Upholstery Cleaning

Thermorinse® truck-mounted hot water extraction upholstery cleaning is the safest method used to clean furniture and other upholstered furniture. Our system injects hot water into the fabric and then extracts the water and dirt using a powerful truck-mounted vacuum. This method is highly effective in removing dirt, dust, stains, and odors from upholstery.

The benefits of water extraction upholstery cleaning are numerous. But the most common ones are:

  • The safest method for family and pets
  • Environmentally friendly, as it uses no add-on solutions unless absolutely needed
  • Safest for most types of fabrics
  • Extends the lifespan of your upholstered furniture
  • Improves air quality by removing allergens and dirt

The deep cleaning nature of the water extraction upholstery cleaning is highly effective in removing deep-seated dirt and stains from upholstery as it penetrates deep into the fabric, loosens dirt and stains, and makes them easy to remove with the built-in vacuum

But most importantly, it saves time and effort. Our water extraction cleaning is a fast and efficient cleaning method. It saves you time and effort compared to traditional cleaning methods such as scrubbing and vacuuming, not too mention of course, it is much safer.

Continue reading below to find out more about your upholstered furniture and some of the common issues with this household fixture.


Upholstery cleanliness goes beyond superficial appearance 

Darker-coloured furniture often conceals the telltale signs of daily wear and tear, masking the subtle buildup of dirt and grime. At first glance, your upholstered furniture may retain its fresh and clean appearance for years. This deceptive cleanliness is due to the even distribution of soil, coupled with our fading memory of how vibrant the furniture once looked when newly purchased.

Yet, beneath this seemingly clean fabric surface, a hidden threat lurks. Over time, unnoticed soil particles burrow into the upholstery, leading to premature wear, potential fabric damage, and ultimately shortening your furniture's lifespan. Hence, the importance of regular upholstery cleaning cannot be stressed enough. It's essential to understand that when it comes to upholstery soiling, appearances can be deceiving. Ensure your furniture's longevity and vibrancy with consistent professional upholstery cleaning.


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Sofa Cleaning

Masking upholstery odours 

Today's market offers a plethora of products claiming to neutralize or conceal unpleasant odours emanating from your furniture due to pets, food spills, smoke, and other environmental culprits. However, the cause of the odour remains and most of these products don't truly eliminate the odour-causing particles. Instead, they merely mask the scents or bond with the particles to neutralize them, leaving the root of the issue unresolved.

Rather than settling for a temporary fix, consider our exclusive patented water-vapour extraction method, which deep cleans upholstery without harmful detergents. This eco-friendly solution not only assures safety for both pets and family members but also genuinely eradicates odour-causing particles. The result? Truly refreshed and odour-free furniture that stands the test of time.

Our 6 steps that restore the original beauty of your upholstered furniture:

  1. Careful Pre-Cleaning Fabric Test. Our methods are safe.
  2. Dry Vacuum Process. Powerful but gentle.
  3. FabricSafe™ Pre-Cleaning Treatment. Tough on dirt, gentle on furniture.
  4. Special Attention To All Spots and stains. No extra charge.
  5. ThermoRinse™ Upholstery Cleaning. Deep cleaning, fast drying.
  6. Final hand Grooming. For fresh & beautiful furniture.

Trust the experience and expertise of over 30 years from Alberta Carpet cleaning to cleaning all types of upholstered furniture: sofas, love seats, sectionals, and much more!

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning


Frequently Asked Questions


Dust, dirt in the air and on clothing settle into upholstery and carpet. Regular use of furniture causes these tiny (Almost invisible) soil particles to penetrate deeper than a regular vacuum or personal steam cleaner can extract.

Over time, soil particles degrade the fibers of your upholstery, causing permanent damage and decreased appearance.

Professional upholstery cleaning, not only cleans the fabric but revitalizes the look and feel of the upholstered furniture to a feeling and look near brand new in many cases.

Your washing machine & laundry detergent are not designed for properly cleaning the designer fabrics used for furniture.

Zippered cushions are designed this way so that the foam or cushion can be replaced when it wears out, not so that the cover can be washed at home.

Professional furniture cleaning provides a thorough clean without fading, shrinkage, and damage to the shape or fabric. Furthermore, when you clean just the cushion covers the rest of the furniture will not match the clean cushions.

Over time all fabric protectors lose effectiveness, with or without cleaning.

If your furniture was purchased more than 2 years ago or is clearly showing signs of soiling, professional upholstery cleaning is recommended. Cleaning will remove what is left of the protection that was applied when you bought your furniture.

We offer a fabric protector called Stainshield to renew the protective coating on your upholstery.

We offer Advanced Generation Deodorizer™, which is applied prior to the cleaning and works to disinfect the upholstery, remove odors and leave a pleasant light citrus scent.

Uphsoltery Cleaning Technicians
Lisa Hagen
Lisa Hagen

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Roy was friendly, fast, efficient and the carpets look and smell so much better! We needed service quickly and they fulfilled this request without hesitation.

Roy did a very thorough cleaning of our upholstery. Excellent job.

Very happy with the carpet cleaning. Knowledgeable, efficient and friendly service.

Cleaner arrived early, was super friendly and got every single stain out of our rugs. Highly recommend!

I had the furnace cleaned and within an hour the carpet team came in. It was great to hire just one company to do both jobs.

Alberta carpet cleaning is the most courteous and professional company I have ever had to my house. I was debating ripping up our carpets just due to high traffic and age but they made them look new again. Everyone I dealt with was highly professional and helpful. The little bootees that the technician wore as well as the corner protectors were so thoughtful. Their prices were less than I had been quoted at other places.

My sofa required cleaning. Booking the appointment was quick and easy. They kept me up to date on estimated arrival time and called when they said they would. The cleaner arrived within the time window and was very courteous. The price was a more than estimated but the additional charges were well explained. My sofa looks great! Thank you Alberta Carpet Cleaning.

Justin was a very pleasant and respectful young man.My wife had a couple of comments to make to him and he listened very attentively.Thanks again Justin I would certainly recommend you and Alberta home services for carpet and chairs cleaning.

Very pleased with carpet cleaning!! All around great service and price.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning is very professional and well run. The technician arrived on time, did a great job of cleaning the rug and furniture, and was very polite and pleasant. I would definitely use them again in the future

Great Job by the technician (Roy) that came out. Worked hard and the results were wonderful! He managed to get an old butter (dog puke) stain out! It did take 24 hours for the detergent smell to be gone and for the carpet to feel fully dry. But 10 hours after the wash it was damp enough to quickly run across it into the bed, but we waited 24 hours. Will definitely do this again! $320 for stairs, landing, hallway and 3 rooms with deodorizer. Great price!

Great and friendly service. The cleaning uncovered a deeper stain that showed up the next day and Alberta Carpet Cleaning came back to resolve it without charge or issue. 5 stars!

They did a great job cleaning our carpets. They were on time and worked quickly and efficiently.

Quick. Efficient. CLEAN! Mike is a wonderful gentleman. Thanks AB Carpet Cleaning!

Worked with Mike to get our basement carpet cleaned and it was great. He’s very knowledgable and approachable, gets the job done right and in time!

Carpet looks great, good customer service, and on time!!

Justin was courteous and did a great job. The office was great keeping me updated on his arrival. I've used Alberta carpet cleaning several times. They are my go to choice for carpet cleaning.

Excellent service and I’m very happy with the cleaning of my carpet and stairs.

Great service! Carpet was sent out for thorough deep cleaning and came back looking great. Also quicker than estimated. Thank you!

Just got my area rug back!! Beautiful again! I’ve been using Alberta Carpet cleaning for my area rugs for years! They have never disappointed! They do excellent work!

Alberta Carpet Cleaning phoned to confirm my appointment the day before, they called the morning of to confirm the time they would arrive and showed up within that parameter

Extremely professional in every way. Explained the options without being pushy. The carpets look great. 👌

Mike was very thorough and our carpets looked wonderful when he completed the cleaning. The only negative comment would be their process for confirming appointments is inefficient. I was contacted two days before the day of the cleaning as a reminder, then the day before, and then bright and early (7:15 am) the morning of the appointment. I would suggest that a reminder the day before would be sufficient and during that conversation, a time of arrival could be scheduled to eliminate the early morning phone call

Would definitely recommend this business and Salim who cleaned my carpets. He did an awesome job.

The VERY best! Great guys-and very happy- which makes me happy! My carpets are amazing ⭐️

Very easy to work with, easily reachable and accommodating. From the person who booked me and stayed in touch until the arrival of the technician to the actual technician who was easy to coordinate with and get what was needed to be done. Highly recommend them. I filled out the form online and was contacted right away and got an appointment within 24hrs, which was amazing because I just had to google carpet cleaning service and went with what came up first. The first company said appointment within 24 hrs which was wrong because it took them 24hrs to only contact me and an appointment that was 2 week out. I went back to Google search and went with the second business which was Alberta Carpet Cleaning and they were prompt! Happy to say I totally got lucky with just following my options only and that this company clearly keeping the promises they advertise online on their website. Great work to the admin and the technician!

Mike did a real good job on our basement carpets which now look better than they have in awhile. As he predicted the carpets were dry in around 8 hours which indicates a good operator and good equipment. Definitely will use this Company again

Did our carpets upstairs and down, and furniture - everything looks great!

I have previously rented a machine to clean my carpets and couches by myself, but the quality does not compare to the excellent job that Salem did today. He was professional, and made the effort to do an exceptional job. It looks so much better than when I try to do it myself! I am very happy with my experience.

My carpets are cleaned beautifully. I was given all information on cost and choices up front and clearly. The cleaner was professional and efficient and was able to get specific stains out for me. All went very well. Thanks

Mike did a great job on our carpets. He made sure to explain everything first. The office was great in keeping us informed of when to expect Mike. While it was just a little later than the 8 am - 12 pm window the office kept us informed which we appreciated.

Justin, showed up right on time and they did a great job cleaning my carpets. Thanks again!

We are pleased with the job that was done and would recommend Alberta Carpet Cleaning to friends and family.

I have nothing but good things to say about Alberta Home Services. They were on time & did a great job of my carpets! They look great!

I was considering buying an expensive carpet vacuum but my wife convinced me to get this company to do it. It was amazing. I recommend getting it done with ‘sanitation added’ to the regular cleaning as well! Completely rejuvenated our upstairs carpeted area!