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Expert Area Rug Cleaning

When it comes to area rug or oriental rug cleaning, we take the time and attention your area rug deserves. Our special area rug cleaning facility is equipped with full-spectrum lighting and special drying racks to make sure that your area rugs are cleaned and dried properly.

Our process includes the use of a thorough industrial-strength vacuum of the area rug from both sides prior to cleaning to remove trapped dust and debris, treatment of concern areas with our range of specialized spot and stain removers as well as the same high power hot water extraction (steam cleaning) that we use on the carpets and furniture in your home.

We clean most types of area rugs, including wool area rugs and a range of synthetic fabrics. In addition to  cleaning, we also offer the following additional treatments for your area rugs:

Persian Rug Cleaning

Our professionally certified carpet and area rug cleaning technicians, many of whom have been with us for 10 years or longer, bring experience and expertise into your home to make sure the job is done right. We are IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) certified, and all of our technicians are full-time permanent staff, not inexperienced seasonal or temporary employees.

Cleaning Facility

Preserving your area rug over time

Area rug cleaning is paramount for maintaining the beauty and value of your specialty rugs. Over time, even the finest rugs can deteriorate, diminishing their original charm and worth. Recognizing this, we've established a dedicated facility tailored specifically for area rug care, employing specialized treatments suited for every rug type.

At Alberta Carpet Cleaning, we don't merely offer a service — we offer expertise and experience. As the leading name in Calgary and Sothern Alberta, we know how to take care of your rug. Our technicians receive training outlined in North America's top area rug experts - the IICRC, ensuring your cherished rugs receive the utmost care and attention.

Our 7-Step Signature Area Rug Cleaning Process:

  1. Initial Assessment: Our technician begins by inspecting your area rug in detail, and identifying any pre-existing concerns. We communicate our findings and discuss your specific requirements, ensuring your expectations are understood and met.
  2. Dust and Debris Extraction: Often overlooked by less experienced cleaners, this pivotal step is essential for superior cleaning results. A standard vacuum might miss up to 4 pounds of hidden dirt in a 5x8 rug. We prioritize this step to prevent potential damage and ensure optimal cleaning outcomes.
  3. Colour and Dye Testing: We meticulously test each color for dye stability and quality. This guarantees that the vibrant hues of your area rug remain intact without any bleeding or merging, preserving its original splendor.
  4. Expert Cleaning: Marrying traditional care with modern techniques, our specialized station ensures comprehensive cleaning down to the deepest fibers, offering an unparalleled cleaning experience.
  5. Drying Process: Although this step is time-intensive, it's vital to preserve the rug's texture and appearance.
  6. Final Inspection: Once dried, we meticulously inspect the rug, paying close attention to the fringes and any spots that might require additional care.
  7. Grooming: As a finishing touch, your rug is carefully groomed and prepared for delivery, ensuring it returns to you in its finest form.


Frequently Asked Questions


There are many factors to take into consideration when trying to decide on cleaning your area rug such as the amount of traffic, whether there are pets in the home, the vacuuming schedule and whether you have spots or stains.

We recommend them annually especially if they are frequently used. If anyone suffers from allergies you may want to consider more frequently such as twice annually.

It takes a great deal of expertise and attention to detail to treat a valuable piece properly, so we at Alberta Carpet Cleaning have perfected our treatment process over the past 30+ years.

First, the rug is closely inspected by technicians to determine what type of soil has penetrated the fibers. They look at every stain, and worn area, and if there are any particular concerns like pet odor or mold.

Once the technician learns everything about your area rug through the inspection process, the piece is run through a dry soil removal process.

The wet treatment process is done with a machine that goes across the surface of the area rug. The flooring is agitated to dislodge embedded soils, and gentle detergents are used to pick up soil and wash it away.

We use a powerful yet gentle to fabrics type of extraction equipment. When done, the area rug will then be hung for several hours to dry completely, during which time the technician will perform a secondary inspection to verify that the treatment process is complete to full satisfaction.

It takes a great deal of expertise and attention to detail to treat your valuable rugs, so we at Alberta Carpet Cleaning have perfected our treatment process over the past 30+ years:

  • Complete assessment of area rug ( front and back);
  • Thorough vacuuming with our specialty vacuum of the area rug to remove dust, dirt, and grit;
  • Test the dyes and fibers for cleaning solution tolerance;
  • Pre-treatment of spots or hard-to-remove stains;
  • Injection of hot water mixed with a green cleaning solution;
  • Dwelling time – cleaning solution is allowed to work loosening dirt and residue;
  • Gently agitate the fibers;
  • Fringes are hand cleaned;
  • Soft water Thermorinse extraction;
  • Depending on how soiled the piece is, it may need to be cleaned and rinsed more than once;
  • Carpets are hung on rollers to dry thoroughly;
  • Rugs are manually groomed and prepared to be returned to the homeowner.

Area rugs are often made of special fabrics and dyes that require special attention. Each type of fabric has usually very special indications on how to clean it to preserve its natural beauty.

Most commercially available products could harm the fabrics by either having the dyes run or mix and/or lose the original sensation of the fabric.

Most area rug manufacturers recommend having an area rug cleaned by a professional service.

Cleaning the area rugs in our facility gives us the opportunity to apply several treatments providing deep thorough cleaning and controlled drying. We use various tools and procedures which are imperative to a successful rug cleaning.

It is not safe to clean area carpets over other floorings as there is the risk of damage to the surface underneath the carpet being cleaned. If the area rug remains wet for too long, your hardwood or laminate flooring may show signs of water damage (i.e.: warping, staining, and/or discoloration).

There are other costs associated with cleaning rugs not found in typical carpet cleaning. To start, we have to pick up and deliver the rug as we cannot safely clean it in your home.

The procedure for testing and cleaning is much more time and labor intensive and the care that must be taken to detail clean them takes longer than a wall-to-wall installed carpet. We have to charge more to cover our additional costs.

Let’s define the difference between a spot and a stain:

  • Spot– is any foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) that is removable by standard cleaning methods.
  • Stain– is foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) on the carpet that is not usually removed by standard cleaning methods. (The foreign material has penetrated or “soaked into” the fiber and has altered the color or damaged the fiber). Some stains may be difficult or impossible to remove.

Our technicians are trained and qualified to examine stains to let you know which ones will come out and which won’t.  They will then do everything they can to try to correct the problem.

We can only provide an estimate over the phone as we are unable to determine the exact size, fibers, and condition of the rug. Once the technician has completed his assessment we can determine the pricing.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning offers a specialized area rug cleaning facility that is equipped to deal with almost every type of area rug. Our soft water Thermorinse extraction system is the ultimate cleaning service that will guarantee a clean and restore that ‘brand new’ feeling to your area rug.

Our expert area rug cleaning technicians have years of experience in the industry and routinely undergo training by the industry leaders in area rug cleaning and care.

We usually can take care of most area rugs (80% of cases ). However some area rugs due to low production quality ( i.e. – ‘IKEA’ rugs) or very rare fabrics are out of our reach.

Unfolding area-rug before cleaning
Lisa Hagen
Lisa Hagen

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Roy was friendly, fast, efficient and the carpets look and smell so much better! We needed service quickly and they fulfilled this request without hesitation.

Roy did a very thorough cleaning of our upholstery. Excellent job.

Very happy with the carpet cleaning. Knowledgeable, efficient and friendly service.

Cleaner arrived early, was super friendly and got every single stain out of our rugs. Highly recommend!

I had the furnace cleaned and within an hour the carpet team came in. It was great to hire just one company to do both jobs.

Alberta carpet cleaning is the most courteous and professional company I have ever had to my house. I was debating ripping up our carpets just due to high traffic and age but they made them look new again. Everyone I dealt with was highly professional and helpful. The little bootees that the technician wore as well as the corner protectors were so thoughtful. Their prices were less than I had been quoted at other places.

My sofa required cleaning. Booking the appointment was quick and easy. They kept me up to date on estimated arrival time and called when they said they would. The cleaner arrived within the time window and was very courteous. The price was a more than estimated but the additional charges were well explained. My sofa looks great! Thank you Alberta Carpet Cleaning.

Justin was a very pleasant and respectful young man.My wife had a couple of comments to make to him and he listened very attentively.Thanks again Justin I would certainly recommend you and Alberta home services for carpet and chairs cleaning.

Very pleased with carpet cleaning!! All around great service and price.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning is very professional and well run. The technician arrived on time, did a great job of cleaning the rug and furniture, and was very polite and pleasant. I would definitely use them again in the future

Great Job by the technician (Roy) that came out. Worked hard and the results were wonderful! He managed to get an old butter (dog puke) stain out! It did take 24 hours for the detergent smell to be gone and for the carpet to feel fully dry. But 10 hours after the wash it was damp enough to quickly run across it into the bed, but we waited 24 hours. Will definitely do this again! $320 for stairs, landing, hallway and 3 rooms with deodorizer. Great price!

Great and friendly service. The cleaning uncovered a deeper stain that showed up the next day and Alberta Carpet Cleaning came back to resolve it without charge or issue. 5 stars!

They did a great job cleaning our carpets. They were on time and worked quickly and efficiently.

Quick. Efficient. CLEAN! Mike is a wonderful gentleman. Thanks AB Carpet Cleaning!

Worked with Mike to get our basement carpet cleaned and it was great. He’s very knowledgable and approachable, gets the job done right and in time!

Carpet looks great, good customer service, and on time!!

Justin was courteous and did a great job. The office was great keeping me updated on his arrival. I've used Alberta carpet cleaning several times. They are my go to choice for carpet cleaning.

Excellent service and I’m very happy with the cleaning of my carpet and stairs.

Great service! Carpet was sent out for thorough deep cleaning and came back looking great. Also quicker than estimated. Thank you!

Just got my area rug back!! Beautiful again! I’ve been using Alberta Carpet cleaning for my area rugs for years! They have never disappointed! They do excellent work!

Alberta Carpet Cleaning phoned to confirm my appointment the day before, they called the morning of to confirm the time they would arrive and showed up within that parameter

Extremely professional in every way. Explained the options without being pushy. The carpets look great. 👌

Mike was very thorough and our carpets looked wonderful when he completed the cleaning. The only negative comment would be their process for confirming appointments is inefficient. I was contacted two days before the day of the cleaning as a reminder, then the day before, and then bright and early (7:15 am) the morning of the appointment. I would suggest that a reminder the day before would be sufficient and during that conversation, a time of arrival could be scheduled to eliminate the early morning phone call

Would definitely recommend this business and Salim who cleaned my carpets. He did an awesome job.

The VERY best! Great guys-and very happy- which makes me happy! My carpets are amazing ⭐️

Very easy to work with, easily reachable and accommodating. From the person who booked me and stayed in touch until the arrival of the technician to the actual technician who was easy to coordinate with and get what was needed to be done. Highly recommend them. I filled out the form online and was contacted right away and got an appointment within 24hrs, which was amazing because I just had to google carpet cleaning service and went with what came up first. The first company said appointment within 24 hrs which was wrong because it took them 24hrs to only contact me and an appointment that was 2 week out. I went back to Google search and went with the second business which was Alberta Carpet Cleaning and they were prompt! Happy to say I totally got lucky with just following my options only and that this company clearly keeping the promises they advertise online on their website. Great work to the admin and the technician!

Mike did a real good job on our basement carpets which now look better than they have in awhile. As he predicted the carpets were dry in around 8 hours which indicates a good operator and good equipment. Definitely will use this Company again

Did our carpets upstairs and down, and furniture - everything looks great!

I have previously rented a machine to clean my carpets and couches by myself, but the quality does not compare to the excellent job that Salem did today. He was professional, and made the effort to do an exceptional job. It looks so much better than when I try to do it myself! I am very happy with my experience.

My carpets are cleaned beautifully. I was given all information on cost and choices up front and clearly. The cleaner was professional and efficient and was able to get specific stains out for me. All went very well. Thanks

Mike did a great job on our carpets. He made sure to explain everything first. The office was great in keeping us informed of when to expect Mike. While it was just a little later than the 8 am - 12 pm window the office kept us informed which we appreciated.

Justin, showed up right on time and they did a great job cleaning my carpets. Thanks again!

We are pleased with the job that was done and would recommend Alberta Carpet Cleaning to friends and family.

I have nothing but good things to say about Alberta Home Services. They were on time & did a great job of my carpets! They look great!

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